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  د ولسوالۍ په کچه د دفت...WEE-RDP/MRRDNangarharOct-4
  د ولسوالۍ په کچه د دفت...WEE-RDP/MRRDHeratOct-4
  د ولسوالۍ په کچه د دفت...WEE-RDP/MRRDBalkhOct-4
  د ولسوالۍ په کچه د دفت...WEE-RDP/MRRDKandaharOct-4
  د ولسوالۍ په کچه د دفت...WEE-RDP/MRRDKhostOct-4
  ESL instructorsProfessional Institute of Business and Finance (PIBF)KabulOct-1
  د ولسوالۍ په کچه د دفت...WEE-RDP/MRRDKunduzOct-4
  د ولسوالۍ په کچه د دف...WEE-RDP/MRRDMultipleOct-4
  Driver (Bamyan)Turquoise MountainBamyanOct-12
  Driver NSIA(Gov)KabulOct-2
  Cleaner NSIA(Gov)KabulOct-2
  Admin Officer NSIA(Gov)KabulOct-3
  Operation Officer/KhostNSIA(Gov)KhostOct-2
  Driver WEE-RDP/MRRDBamyanOct-7
  Internship in Admin Field SCAWardakDec-27
  CookNorwegian Refugee CouncilKandaharOct-5
  Regional Admin/Logistics Assistant (Her...CordaidHeratOct-6
  Liaison officerAdministrative Office of the PresidentKabulSep-30
  InternshipASK Training And ConsultingKabulOct-5
  Cleaner صفاکار (Kandahar)CordaidKandaharOct-3