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  Risk Management Committee’s MemberBank-e- Millie AfghanKabulMay-9
  Audit Committee MembersBank-e- Millie AfghanKabulMay-9
  Senior Audit OfficerGhazanfar bankKabulMay-5
  Building Facilities & Maintenance Assi...Azizi BankKabulApr-23
  Reconciliation Officer Bank-e- Millie AfghanKabulApr-22
  Credit & Marketing Officer for Multiple...Bank-e- Millie AfghanKabulApr-29
  Customer Service Officer for Helmand Br...Bank-e-Millie Afghan (BMA)HilmandApr-29
  Customer Service Representative for Mul...Bank-e- Millie Afghan (BMA)KabulApr-29
  Branch Manager for Aqcha Branch Bank-e- Millie AfghanFaryabApr-29
  Teller for Logar and Helmand Branch Bank-e-Millie Afghan (BMA)MultipleApr-29
  IT & Western Union Assistant For Logar...Bank-e- Millie AfghanMultipleApr-29
  Compliance General ManagerNew Kabul BankKabulApr-24
  Deputy Branch Manager for Kunduz Herat...Bank-e- Millie AfghanMultipleApr-28
  Record Keeper for Mazar Samangan and L...Bank-e- Millie AfghanMultipleApr-28
  Credit & Marketing Officer for Paktia ...Bank-e- Millie AfghanMultipleApr-28
  Reconciliation Assistant Bank-e- Millie AfghanKabulApr-19
  Management Information System Assistant...Bank-e-Millie Afghan (BMA)KabulApr-19
  Correspondent Banks Officer Bank-e- Millie AfghanKabulApr-19
  Teller/صراف ( Macrorayan Branch ) ...Pashtany bankKabulApr-20
  Teller /صراف ( Kotal Khairkhana Br...Pashtany bankKabulApr-20