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  Education Officer Save the ChildrenNangarharApr-18
  Education TrainerSave the ChildrenNangarharApr-18
  EiE Project Coordinator Save the ChildrenNangarharApr-18
  Regional Coordinator Education Aga Khan FoundationBadakhshanApr-10
  Quality Assurance Manager AGEBRAC AfghanistanKabulApr-9
  Project Manager AGEBRAC AfghanistanKabulApr-9
  Regional Hub ManagerBRAC AfghanistanMultipleApr-9
  FULL TIME LECTURER (Law BBA BCS)khana-e- Noor Higher Education networkKabulApr-26
  Education Field Supervisor (EFS)SCAKunduzApr-11
  Vice Chancellor Academicskhana-e- Noor Higher Education networkKabulApr-26
  Brail Resource Room Operator (re-announ...Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)KabulApr-9
  American English Language ExpertAmerican CouncilsKabulApr-12
  Project Manager GEC-TBRAC AfghanistanKabulApr-12
  FULL TIME LECTURER (Law Engineering A...Nokhbagan Institute of Higher EducationBalkhMay-11
  استاد قراردادیSalam University Kunduz BranchKunduzJul-19