LEAD ENGINEER ASSISTANT With Global TechnologyKabulJul-3
 LEAD ENGINEER ASSISTANT DUTY With Global TechnologyKabulJul-3
 Senior Site Engineer With SCCHeratJun-23
 WASH OfficerWASH Officer With RU-WatSIP / MRRDFaryabJun-25
 Provincial Sanitation Coordinator With RU-WatSIP / MRRDPaktikaJun-25
 HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGER With Project Design AgencyPaktyaJul-7
 مدیریت عمومی پلانهای ... With وزارت شهرسازی و مسکنParwanJul-3
 انجنیر ارشد دیزاین می... With وزارت شهر سازی برنامه ساخزتمانهای عامه و دولتیKabulNov-9
 مهندس With وزارت شهر سازی برنامه ساختمانهای عامه و دولتیKabulSep-17
 اعلان مجدد متخصص انر... With Ministry of Energy and WaterKabulJun-25
 Quality Assurance Engineer (Spin Buldak... With Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) Reform and Capacity Building Implementation Project (RCBIP)KandaharAug-13