Bio-metric Registration Staff With Afghan Planning AgencyKhostJun-26
  Hatchery Consultant With CARD-FMultipleJun-30
  Trainer With HRRACMultipleJun-27
 Breeder Consultant With CARD-FMultipleJun-30
 Field Supervisor With CARE AFGHANISTANMultipleJun-26
 Community Worker With CARE AFGHANISTANMultipleJun-26
 Regional Project Assistant (Female) With AREPKhostJun-22
 Education Program Monitoring Extender (... With The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN)MultipleJun-25
 Provincial Technical Surveyor With (MSH) Management Sciences for HealthMultipleJun-21
 آمر تخنیکی زمینداری With Afghanistan Independent Land Authority (Arazi)MultipleJul-16