Academic Coordinator
Vacancy Number:KVID20170220-35810
Title: Academic Coordinator
Duration:The positions is project Based
Exp.:2017-02-20-(3 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Organization:Swedish Committe for Afghanistan (SCA) |About Swedish Committe for Afghanistan (SCA)
Education:PhD degree in education
Work Experience:5-8 relevant experience Years

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • PhD degree in education with documented research competencies.
  • Experiences of work (teaching and supervision) with Master programs in the field of education
  • Experience of work at academic institutions as well as government authorities or international agencies in Afghanistan


  • At least 5 -8 years of professional work experience in the relevant field as specified in Scope of work and Job resbonsilbilities. 
Duties & Responsibilities

Main Responsibilities:

Overall Responsibilities

  • To contribute to the accomplishment of the second round of Teacher Education Master Programme (TEMP Phase-2) provided by a contracted international university, including the preparatory training of the TEMP Phase-2 candidates.

  • Support the contracted university during provision of the MA program to Teacher Educators as outlined in the Terms of Reference and TEMP Phase-2 Project documents.

Specific Responsibilities

Recruitment of TTC staff for Bridge Training

  • Cooperate with the Teacher Education Department (TED) on recruitment procedures.

  • Together with SCA and TED select around 100 applicants from TTCs for the Bridge Training in accordance to the criteria of TEMP Project Documents and other criteria elaborated and agreed upon by TED and SCA.

  • Develop and assess English test (implementation by TED and SCA), if required.

  • In cooperation with TED, carry out training, needs assessments of the participants (level of English and computer skills training, general and pedagogical knowledge and skills).

Bridge Training

  • Cooperate, advice and oversee the contracted institution for carrying out the English language training during the Bridge Training of TEMP.

  • Conduct a preliminary need assessment of the participants.

  • Advice on content for the Bridge Training (English and Computer).

  • Advice on assessment of participants’ performance of English and other aspects of the Bridge Training.

  • Support and provide guidance to the participants of Bridge Training in their studies.

  • Elaborate a plan for training in complementary subjects on pedagogy, general educational issues, basics of research, Orientation to Academic Studies (including academic reading and writing, use of Information Technology in academic studies - data analysis), self-studies, etc. for the participants of the Bridge Training.

  • Prepare and implement/facilitate training of the above subjects to the participants of the Bridge Training.

  • Assess participants’ performance in Bridge Training.

  • Propose revisions and adjustments in Bridge Training courses where necessary.

  • Follow up and evaluate the courses in the Preparatory Training and revise plans where necessary.


  • Prepare scheme for the applicants (of the Bridge Training participants) and arrange IELTS test with British Council (or other concerned authorities) in Kabul.

  • Together with TED select around 30-35 among the highest scored ones (above grand 6) in IELTS for TEMP Phase-2 based on set criteria and priorities.

  • Assist in registering the admitted students at the contracted university for TEMP Phase-2


  • Cooperate with the university in developing courses.

  • Teach in courses (within competencies) during TEMP Phase-2 if needed.

  • Mentor and provide ongoing support and guidance to the participants of the TEMP Phase-2 during their studies.

  • Assist participants in their studies through regular meetings/workshops and in written communications.

  • Prepare, instruct and assist participants in the implementation and reporting of their field studies.

  • Introduce and assist all participants in thesis writing.

  • Facilitate and assist in courses taught by teachers from the contracted university for TEMP Phase-2.

  • Advice the course teachers of TEMP Phase-2 in content and appropriate literature as well as in teaching methods, assignments, etc for the courses for participants and TEMP Phase-2 library.

  • Identify, instruct and supervise TEMP Phase-2 mentors.

  • Conduct academic monitoring and review of the courses provided by the contracted university and recommend the concerned staff for adjustments.

  • Report the accomplished courses to TED and SCA.

  • Be available for advising and communicating to the contracted university concerned authorities.


  • Inform teachers about the TEMP Phase-2 scope and contents as well as the Afghan context.

  • Regularly inform the concerned staffs of the contracted university about TEMP Phase-2 proceedings.

  • Provide information to SCA/TED and the contracted university Communication Department for internal and external disseminations.

  • Represent SCA when needed in contacts with authorities, organizations, agencies, media, etc.

  • Participate in reviews and evaluations.

  • Advice members of the Steering Committee and participate in its meetings when requested.


  • Plan Bridge Training activities on annual basis.

  • Assist the contracted university in elaborating a Study Plan for TEMP Phase-2 and different courses.

  • Help out the participants in making their plans for field work.

  • Plan for practice teaching in TTC in Kabul, when required.

  • Follow up and propose revision plans of the university when needed.

  • Advise SCA and TED on TEMP Phase-2 planning and revisions.


  • Continuously monitor and report on TEMP Phase-2 progress to SCA Education Programme Manager.

  • Submit proposals for revision and changes where required.

  • Write up the biannual and final reports of TEMP Phase-2 for SCA management.


  • Write glossaries, translate and support translation of educational academic and scientific materials in Afghan national languages,

  • Identify and collect appropriate academic materials for TEMP library for current and future use in academic affairs in the country.

  • Subject to availability of free spaces in her/his schedule, take part in building the capacity of research and studies in EPU – train the Senior Officers of SCA Education Programme on how to conduct assessments, studies and evaluations.

Submission Guideline

Application Procedures:

Interested qualified candidates should submit a full CV with a cover letter explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience;

To apply online please send your application / CV to [email protected]
Subject Line Must be:   Academic Coordinator, HRM/KMO 11-17 , Otherwise your application May not be Considered.
Candidates may also submit applications by letter (hard copy) directly to the SCA HRM Unit in either Kabul, Ghazni, Kunduz, Wardak, Taloqan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Laghman or Jalalabad;
Academic certificates or references need not to be submitted at this time. These will be requested if called for interview.
Only short-listed candidates will be invited for written test and interview.