AABRAR is a local Afghan non-governmental organization (NGO) working for the vulnerable people of Afghanistan since 23 years. AABRA’s main office in located in Kabul and registered with Ministry of Economy under registration 344. AABRAR’s activities are mainly concerned with persons with disability towards their physical rehabilitation and socio-economic integration. AABRAR endeavours to improve the lives of persons with disabilities by providing physical support, helping them to develop the skills needed to gain employment and live an independent life, creating job opportunities that allow people with disabilities to become productive members of their families. Some of AABRAR’s major activities for people with disabilities have been the provision of bicycle trainings to men with disabilities, provision of physical rehabilitation services, provision of vocations trainings in more than 20 different vocations to men with disabilities, women and young boys and girls, provision of civic education and awareness raising trainings to people with disabilities and through people with disabilities to the people in the local communities. AABRAR also encourages recreation and social participation through its annual bicycle race, which draws over 200 participants. This event also raises social awareness of disability and displays the tremendous physical and emotional strength of people with disabilities.