Since 1990 Afghanistan was a country where people especially the new generation was lacking even to learn basic computer programs, attend management courses, accounting and etc. The main reason of all these problems was unavailability of educational institution to respond to the demand of the Afghans.


Nangarhar which is the second largest province of Afghanistan in terms of the population and as well as is the holder of third position in terms of having a lot of educated people and people who like to send their children and teenagers to schools and other educational institutions.


In order to help the Afghans especially the young generation, Abid Khogyani English Language and Computer Institute was established in 2003 with main objectives of serving the Afghan national especially the young generation to face the challenges of the century. In the beginning it only focused training students in English and was offering short courses and as well as one  year Diploma in English, Short Computer courses in both software, hardware and as well as one year Diploma in Information Technology.


Abid Institute of Computer Science and Business Management also offer short course of management, marketing, business planning, business communication and etc. These programs were started according to the growing demand of our clients as we have been in the market since 2003 and our graduates were eager to get more from this institute while they were finishing their computer and English courses.


Abid Institute of Computer Science and Business Management is registered with the government of Afghanistan, Ministry of Education and is one of the top institution in its list.


Since its establishment, Abid Institute of Computer Science and Business Management has became a well know center for the provision of quality education by having qualified and experienced lecturers, comfortable and educational environment, availability of training materials and because of its competitive fees for various courses have resulted to be the number one choice of thousands of Afghan students every year.


We have 30 teachers in our institute. Some of them attend their classes and work full time and some of them appear to their schedule classes and work with us part time.