Afghanistan Capacity Development & Educational Organization (ACDEO) is a social oriented NGO helping international organizations to implement and manage programs in Afghanistan. It is committed to the development of Afghanistan and aims to help the country’s most vulnerable populace and promote a better quality of life throughout the country. ACDEO is an Afghan NGO registered with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Women Affairs. 



Project Description:


Many Afghan women and girls lack knowledge of their legal rights and options to have them enforced. This reflects and exacerbates their vulnerability. The two major constraints on women’s access to justice are: i) men actively preventing them from accessing advice; and ii) disputes involving women are overwhelmingly family-related and there is a strong preference towards resolving familial disputes privately.  By providing a free and anonymous service the Hotline aims to increase women’s access to justice and change men’s attitudes towards women.  The Hotline is currently providing its services in twelve Southern and Eastern provinces, and with GIZ’s assistance the Hotline will expand its coverage to the Northern provinces.


The aim of the Hotline is to address the vulnerability of Afghan women and girls in the northern provinces of Afghanistan (Balkh, Takhar, Kunduz, Badakhshan, Samangan, and Baghlan) by expanding its services and actively promoting its presence in the region.  By giving women and girls access to counseling, access to the judiciary system, and access to referral services, the Hotline aims to improve their quality of life.