1. The Organization

The “Afghanistan Civil Society Forum-organization” (ACSFo), established at the outset of 2002, and offers representatives of Afghan civil society a platform for exchange of information and opinion on topics relevant to the civil society. ACSFo networks a wide range of civil society and social actors with each other and seeks to facilitate coordination in their work. ACSFo also aims to promote civil society forces in Afghanistan and to involve them in the development, political and peace process of the country. 
ACSFo is looking for a dynamic Project Officer for an anticipated multiyear project focused on promoting human rights with particular focus on women rights. The objectives of the project aim to contribute to improved respect and protection of fundamental women and human rights to association, expression, right to mental and physical integrity as guaranteed in the constitution of Afghanistan and international declaration of Human Rights.

The project will directly contribute and strengthen the capacities of human rights defenders and civil society organisations. Improve their visibility, enhance public discourse and dialogue on human rights and it will particularly enhance capacity to respond to human rights violations in a crisis-prone Afghanistan. However, the project has been designed in response to specific needs of Afghanistan human rights context to address the three result areas of the project.  Result one is “enhanced capacities and visibility of women/ human rights defenders and civil society human rights network organizations”; result two “improvement over the baseline on women’s participation in the reform and development process and provision of sustainable legal avenues for addressing women rights” and result three “enhanced awareness on women/human rights and fundamental freedom through broadcast and print media”.