BackgroundThe Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Government of Switzerland have signed a bilateral agreement to implement a Labor Based Road Construction Programme (LBRC) in Rustaq, Thakhar Province.
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) will provide full financial and technical support. The programme will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). The Swiss Cooperation Office Afghanistan (SCOA) entrusted the management of LBRC Rustaq to the Swiss Engineering firm AF-Iteco Ltd. and to the Swiss based INGO Terre des Homes (TdH).
Under the LBRC project 60 kilometres of tertiary roads will be constructed, re­habilitated and maintained and two bridges with a span of approximately 30 m will be erected. The local road network in the Nooristan and Chakar watershed will be upgraded to an all-weather standard and a Road Maintenance Manage­ment System (RMMS) will be introduced. The works will be carried out through a labour-based approach. Maximum up to 1’200 local labour workers are ex­pected to participate to the works, divided into Road Construction Groups (RCGs) of about 20 workers. Contractors will be engaged for gravelling works, causeway & bridge construction.
As a result of LBRC, the people will be able to use the roads throughout the year and increase their social and economic benefits.

Security: All the staff members strictly follow the overall security instructions of the project. In Rustaq support will be provided by the Security Officer of Tdh. The Security Regulations and Directives are an integral part of the Duties and Responsibility of each individual.Personal safety is of paramount importance at all times. The employee is alert on any conflict or abuse of power which may arise at any time within the road corridors and the wider area of operation.