Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO) is an Afghan non-profit organization based in Kabul and was officially registered with AISA, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s official registration agency, in 2008.
AFCECO began in Pakistan in 2004 as a safe haven for children with the goal of raising the next generation of Afghan citizens to become productive and thoughtful members of society.  Children of war come together in a place where they are made to feel chosen, special, where they live peacefully with children of different genders and tribal backgrounds, where a new generation of progressive Afghan leaders can emerge.  Children are taught tolerance and respect for diversity, their environment, and for the rights of others.  They also learn to live the values of integrity, honesty and caring for others.  For more information, see
You will be helping to lead our innovative program where students are taught leadership skills from both local teachers and distant coaches.   Fortunately, due to the combination of advances in information technologies and growth of communication infrastructure, this innovative approach can be implemented on a large scale to help Afghan students across Afghanistan.  Therefore, we are seeking motivated individuals to can help make this program a success.

Or US based NGO partner, CharityHelp International is assisting us to implement this project and has produced this short (35 second) animated video to help illustrate the approach used for distance coaching: