Afghan Development Association (ADA)

Afghan Development Association (ADA) is a Non-Government, Non-Profit and Non-Political Organization. It promotes and provides development and humanitarian related services to the people of Afghanistan. Since its inception in 1990, ADA has provided assistance in a myriad of sectors to the most poverty-stricken communities across Afghanistan. Too often; services fail to reach poor people, in access, quantity and in quality. Realizing this, ADA’s primary goal is to improve service provision by making it people-centric. ADA is highly sensitive to communal and individual differences; and ADA strives to pay the out most respect to the communities it aims to serve. ADA has been setting the building blocks and formulating and implementing development projects that tackle deep-rooted socio-economic, institutional, and other structural causes that underlie immediate symptoms of conflict at the local levels. Transparency, accountability and efficiency are the driving factors when delivering services and goods to the people of Afghanistan.
ADA believes that women, youth, disabled, the marginalized and disadvantaged people are the key factors when building and furthering the development of communities across Afghanistan. Hence, ADA has developed several programs that are people centered, participatory and invlove broad participation of key stakeholders including women, youth and the disabeled.