About AeMS

Afghan eMarketing Services (AeMS) leverages new communication technologies and proven marketing strategies to help increase sales of Afghan products in and outside Afghanistan.  With the ultimate mission of boosting the Afghan economy, AeMS helps increase sales of Afghan enterprises by providing them with eMarkerting business services and facilitating their online product sales.
In addition, AeMS markets and services the full product line of its North American based partner, Think Renewables Group, Inc.   This product line includes Knowledge delivery systems such as the Conferencing eStation and the Education Hotspot.
Revenue is being generated for AeMS through the sale and service of a range of KDSs, including proprietary models developed by its partner organizations, Think Renewables Group (TRG).  As well, AeMS expects ongoing income will be generated through fees on regular updates and from commissions on sales of products shown in eCatalogs, which are included in the eLibrary provided with each KDS.  
All profits generated by both companies are being donated to CharityHelp International to support its humanitarian activities.