Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) is a member National Society of the International Federation of Red Cross Red and Crescent Movement (IFRC / the Movement). ARCS prepares for and provides emergency and long-term support to communities affected by disasters, both natural and man-made. In order to enhance and sustain its disaster preparedness and response capacity, the ARCS, in collaboration and support from the IFRC and Canadian Red Cross (CRC), is implementing a project titled “Strengthening Emergency Relief and Disaster Response Capacity of ARCS” (SERDRC) with a focus on institutional capacity building across the organization to enable it to deliver efficient, effective and accountable emergency assistance in the country. The project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, aims to improve ARCS’s institutional capacity at the national headquarters, 7 regional offices and select branch offices, including capacity-building of disaster management staff, systems and structures; improving its gender targeting in the delivery of assistance; expansion of the Disaster Response Units (DRUs) and emergency-response Mobile Health Teams (MHTs); coupled with organizational development and capacity building to support these components. Further, it aims to enhance the cooperation of ARCS with ANDMA while assisting to build and complement ANDMA’s emergency response capacity.