Afghan Women Welfare Department (AWWD)

The Afghan Women Welfare Department (AWWD) is non- governmental, non-profitable, non-political and independent Afghan women led NGO. AWWD was established in July 1989 in NWFP-Peshawar-Pakistan. The aim of the organization was to deal with the great women-related emergency needs which existed in providing services to the Afghan refugee women in NWFP- Pakistan.
During the past twenty five years of war in Afghanistan, the Afghan women have been deprived of all their human and constitutional rights including access to education and health care. There have been a lot of restrictions and limitations imposed on women becoming self-dependent. Apart from all these restrictions, the civil war caused more limitations on women’s welfare. AWWD, as a woman’s organization strives and is established for the mere purpose of Afghan women’s welfare in refugee situation and further welfare programs post refugee while working in Afghanistan. The AWWD achieves its objectives through providing community based programs, training and awareness rising programs where the most vulnerable women are deprived of living opportunities. The support AWWD has provided to women has not been confined to these women, AWWD has provided educational and income generation services around rural areas of Peshawar and as well as Afghanistan for educated Afghan females who are searching for such opportunities. 
In the past twenty five years, AWWD has approximately trained more than 30,000 Afghan women in the fields of Free Coaching Classes, Women rights, Vocational Training program, Income-generation training program, Health, advocacy training and emergency relief services. These programs included English Language Programs, Typing and Computer training program, Literacy, Management training, Health Education program, Tailoring Training Program, Carpet Weaving Training Program, Vulnerable Female Refugee Assistance Program, Poultry, Soap and Candle making Training program, credit system (providing loan), Kitchen gardening, Embroidery training Human rights/women rights, Gender awareness,  Women Right/Human rights,  etc.  AWWD has offices in Kabul, and Jalalabad whenever the situation allows the secure function of the programs, AWWD will extent it activities to all provinces of Afghanistan.