Afghanistan Customs Department/SCRTFP-AF

General Background of Project:
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received a grant from the World Bank for Second Customs Reform and Trade Facilitation Project (SCRTFP) under Additional Financing (AF) for improving the release of legitimate goods in a fair and efficient manner. Towards this end, the project will finance activities related to (i) Countrywide computerization for customs clearance operation (ii) Installation of executive information systems for Customs allowing real time monitoring of operations (iii) Development of possible options for cross border Customs to Customs cooperation (iv) Provision of SELECT SQL_CACHEed Customs Infrastructure to enable modernized operations and (v) Technical assistance to support the development of an adequate regulatory, administrative and institutional framework for Customs.
Through these initiatives, the project will support Government efforts to modernize Afghanistan Customs Department (ACD) and also facilitate improvements in customs governance environment. In addition, the project will also assist the ACD in improving implementation of various reform activities through better coordination with other donors in line with the Governance and Accountability Action Plan (GAAP) drawn up by the World Bank for Afghanistan Customs. The project is being implemented by ACD in partnership with UNOPS at present. However, in order to implement the project independently, the ACD is setting up a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) under direct supervision of the Director General of Customs, who is designated as Project Director of the SCRTFP. This PIU will be headed by the Project General Manager and will take over project implementation from UNOPS.
Accordingly, well qualified personnel are required to fill in the positions under PIU. These PIU personnel will be hired on ACD contract and will be paid as per the salary scales prescribed under CBR (Capacity Building for Results) program.