Afghanistan Development and Education Organization

About ADEO

Afghanistan Development and Education Organization (ADEO) is a National Non-profit, Non-partisan and Non-government Organization, founded on 2009 and has been registered with Economy Ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with the license number of 1413.

ADEO is based in Balkh Province with sub-office in Kabul, ADEO have presence and response capacity in North, Northeast, Central and Central Highland Regions, ADEO is active in the field of Humanitarian Response, WASH, Education and Food Security and works closely with UN agencies, INGOs, Governmental and Non-governmental organization, in seven years of its experience ADEO could implement successfully seven project of Humanitarian Response and Food Security Assessment, the humanitarian projects of ADEO were funded through Emergency Response Fund of UNOCHA and the Food Security Assessment were funded by FAO / Landell Mills.

ADEO expanded its activities at National level in 2013 by opening of its Coordination office in Kabul in order to be active in country level and as well in Central Region.

ADEO is member of ES/NFIs, WASH and FSAC clusters in North as well member of WASH and FSAC clusters in Central and Country level.

ADEO is active in four fields of assistance and services

Humanitarian Response
Food Security