Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS)

Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS) is one of the not for the profit organization working in Afghanistan. AIMS mission is to serve the government of Afghanistan and broader humanitarian organizations in the area of information management and capacity building.
AIMS was initially established in 1997 to help the Afghanistan Government and the broader humanitarian community to work more efficiently through the provision of products and services in the field of Information Management (IM) particularly by building IM capacity of the government.
AIMS established as a NGO in June 2008, with its main office in Kabul to cover 34 provinces of the country through its six regional offices in Jalalabad, Kandahar, Hirat, Kunduz, Balkh and Taloqan.  AIMS has distributed over 70,000 Afghanistan thematic and administrative maps and trained over 7,000 government employees from 23 ministries in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database management (software engineering), global positioning systems (GPS), data collection and survey, technology awareness, map reading and project-program management.
AIMS capacity building activities are implemented in a context where capacities in administration, communications and management are low, if not non-existent. Through capacity building of civil servants and formal training in information management technology and application, AIMS has raised the level of competency of government staff, increased workflow efficiency and enhanced planning capacities of key government ministries. The relevance is high, and it will remain so, as it contributes to improved governance, transparency, accountability and efficiency in development.
In its endeavor to provide world class service, AIMS has developed and institutionalized mission-critical software applications for institutions of the Government of Afghanistan (GoA), and provided, in line with development information management best practice, guidelines and procedures to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of government operations.
One of the important products of AIMS is the Afghanistan National Development Management Information System, the aim of this system is to track, monitor and evaluate the actual on the ground work of the overall resources spent in Afghanistan. This system strongly support the transparency and accountability of the resources spent in Afghanistan. The followings are highlighted products are under progress by AIMS:

  1. Afghanistan National Development Management Information System (ANDMIS)
  2. Afghanistan Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI)
  3. E-Governance Services
  4. Knowledge Management
  5. Country maps updates (over 200 country maps)

AIMS continued to strengthen its own capacity and effectiveness as an organization that can sustain itself through project based services both for the public and private sectors. The continued needs for AIMS services has lead to development of the Transition and Sustainability Plan for the AIMS to be an independent service provider from the year 2008, and the AIMS will focus on building its international capacity to enhance its quality services.