Afghanistan institute of banking and finance (AIBF)

The Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance, AIBF, is an Afghan owned public-private institution dedicated to the strengthening of the financial sector in Afghanistan.  The Board of Directors of the Institute is made up of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA), and the Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA). The Institute is also supported by the World Bank, FAIDA and Harakat.   The Institute was inaugurated late in 2010 and is currently offering a range of training programs to commercial banks and Microfinance Institutions, MFIs).  
The Institute has both international and national trainers for commercial banking and microfinance and is seeking to develop training capacity in Afghanistan in the financial sector. The Institute recognizes an important need for training in commercial banking and is seeking an Afghan with good experience in banking and training.  He would work with two international trainers and other faculty of the Institute.  The candidate will also work with the national trainers in the context of professional development plans to develop his/her skills and capabilities.  
The Institute has developed a curriculum for commercial banking and is developing this further.  The Institute is looking for a candidate that has considerable experience in commercial banking and in training.  The person SELECT SQL_CACHEed will be expected to have the capability of taking and managing responsibility for courses in commercial banking.  Good skills in communication and delivery of courses, as well as good writing skills are important.