Afghanistan National Re-Construction Co-ordination (ANCC)

Afghanistan National Re-Construction Co-ordination (ANCC) is professionally managed committed Afghan, nongovernmental, non-political and nonprofit development oriented organization. It was established in 1995 to meet the dire needs of vulnerable Afghan refugees and internally displaced families at the time of civil war and factional fighting followed by Soviet Union’s invasion of the country and troops withdrawal in early 1990’s. Earlier it was registered with UN coordination body for Afghanistan in Pakistan. Presently, ANCC is registered with Ministry of Economy under registration number 117. Its main area of work is community development with participatory approaches.
ANCC head office is located in Kabul with a regional office in Kandahar. For successful outreach and effective implementation of projects in target areas it has provincial offices in TarinKot city of Uruzgan, Zaranj city of Nimroz, Qalat city of Zabul, Lashkergah city of Helmand, Farah city, Gardez City of Paktia and branch offices in districts of Nimroz, Uruzgan, Helmand, Farah, Zabul, Paktia and Kandahar. ANCC has experienced staff that is all well versed with local areas, their cultures and social norms with strong community relations, including tribal elders, Shuras and government authorities.