~~The Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD) is a government Institution responsible for the administration and collection of tax and non-tax revenue for the government. During the previous years, with the support of donor community, considerable achievements have been made by the ARD in its ability to collect tax revenue.  These efforts include a wide range of reforms and restructuring within the ARD, particularly the segmentation of the taxpayers into Large, Medium and Small groups and the rollout out these offices to some selected provinces. 

To build on the achievements made to date, the World Bank intends to support ARD to implement further improvements to the organisational structure so as to operate as a modern functional institution and be able to deliver taxpayer services efficiently And effectively,  increase their compliance and generate enough revenues to cater for government expenditures – way to self-sustainability.

A project Coordinator is required to assist ARD to manage procurement, budgeting and project reporting activities under the World Bank procurement guidelines.

The Project Coordinator will need to be conscious of the ongoing reform initiatives within ARD so as to be able to provide the required support.