Afghans Toufht for Development and Change (ATDC


Afghans' Thought for Development and Change (ATDC) is a non-profit, non-governmental and Nonpolitical organization registered under registration number 2803 with Ministry of Economy, Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA). The overall goal of ATDC is alleviation of Poverty through improving sustainable and inclusive livelihood in rural areas.
ATDC is currently seeking a qualified person for the position of Project Manager for YRC project in Baghlan Province.
Our Vision
A self-reliance Afghanistan in which peace and security is assured and where Afghans including men and women have equal opportunities to develop their leadership abilities and exercise their rights to Political, social and economic processes, and to fight against poverty for creation of a sustainable change.
Our Mission
ATDC supports the poorest, marginalized and voiceless Afghan people including men and women to enhance their opportunities and capabilities to stands against the challenges independently and to achieve sustainable and equitable economic and social development.
ATDC seeks for a qualified project facilitator with extensive knowledge and experience on youth development in Afghanistan. Project facilitator will be provide assistance to project manager of Youth toward Responsible Citizenship (YRC) project.