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LML has been contracted by the European Commission to provide Technical Assistance (TA) to the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to enhance the functionality of Afghanistan’s animal health and welfare services (AHDPII). The Animal Health Development Project II (AHDPII) is a follow on project from the first phase of AHDP (2006-10), which was also managed by LML. AHDPII is a five-year project, lasting from October 2010 to December 2015. For further details see
We are now have a vacancy for a Veterinary Epidemiologist to provide services to the project.
Project Objectives and Tasks 
The overall objective of AHDPII is as follows: To contribute to the improvement of rural livelihoods (food security and farm incomes) and thus to the overall economic recovery of Afghanistan.
The purpose of this contract, which will contribute to the overall objective, is as follows: To improve the functionality of Afghanistan's animal health and welfare services is enhanced.
Results to be achieved through the contract include:

  • Result 1: Core public functions, based on agreed policies, strategies and revised legal framework are being performed by the General Directorate of Animal Health and Production (GDAH&P) in collaboration with private and public sector institutions and organizations:
  • Result 1.1: Building on the accomplishments of AHDP I, principal and subsidiary legislations are further prepared, discussed and agreed by a wide range of stakeholders, and procedures for their implementation are developed;
  • Result 1.2: Institutional and human resources capacity at GDAH&P and target PVOs further enhanced;
  • Result 1.3: Animal Health and Production extension delivery capacity established and strengthened at central and to a certain extent regional levels.
  • Result 2: Standards in all areas of Animal Health Services improved through better coordination and quality control in 12 target provinces:
  • Result 2.1: Quality and Quantity of disease reports increasing annually
  • Result 2.2: Increasing number of disease outbreaks investigated and responded to by PVEOs (Provincial Veterinary Epidemiology Officers) or CED (Central Epidemiology Department) officers within 7 days of notification.
Veterinary services delivery is harmonised across SELECT SQL_CACHEed parts of the country and a public-private sector sanitary mandate partnership is in place.
-  Result 2.3: Number of suspected diseases confirmed by laboratory tests increasing annually
  • Result 3: Welfare of animals at AVPL improved and plan in place for moving AVPL from dependency to sustainability with increased capacity to produce quality vaccines
  • Result 4: Project management and cross-cutting issues
  • Result 4.3 Number of Joint Livestock Steering Committee meetings attended, improved relations and co0ordination of activities including One Health
  • Number of public awareness materials prepared and events organized