AIBF (Afghanistan institute of banking and finance)

In the recent years, the Central Bank of Afghanistan, known as DA Afghanistan Bank (DAB), identified the low level of human capacity within the financial services sector as a key impediment to the development of the sector. In 2009 DAB took a strategic initiative to establish a training institute in Kabul by the name of Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF) to build professional competence of employees of banks and microfinance institutions. AIBF, under its Articles of Association, was established as a public-private sector partnership where the private sector maintains majority of shareholders, Board of Directors and management. The Institute is owned by Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA) and the Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA). Under AIBF’s charter of 2009, it is dedicated to strengthening the financial sector of Afghanistan and establishing a center of excellence for banking and finance. 

Based on a thorough market survey of the sector, the Institute has adopted various capacity building interventions ranging from short technical courses to three months certification courses, institutional development consultancies, demand-driven customized trainings and diploma programs. These courses and curriculums are designed in both English and Dari in consultation with key stakeholders that include the Central Bank, ABA, Afghanistan Microfinance Association, MISFA and retail financial service providers.