Afghanistan Institute of Rural Development (AIRD) serves the common objectives as envisaged by Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Strategy (ARDSS) and the cluster ministries. Rural development forms the core of AIRD’s specialization with activities and services focussing on capacity building, research and evaluation, dissemination of results, and transfer of knowledge and affordable technologies to rural Afghans. Key to achieving this goal are further enhancing the quantity and quality of AIRD’s services and increasing its coverage.
The objective of training and education programme is to build human capacity with a special focus on (a) planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (PIME) (b) decentralization and local governance, and (c) cross-cutting themes of gender, environment, disaster management and stabilization and to build a cadre of professionals needed for the implementation of Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development  as conceptualized in Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Strategy (ARDSS).
MRRD and JICA have started a joint project on Strengthening Community-led Rural Development Support Systems (AIRDSCLD) recently. AIRD is tasked with capacity development of the functionaries of CLDD at central, provincial and district levels. JICA, under its AIRD SCLD Project, is offer the opportunity to support MRRD at two different levels: One by assisting AIRD in developing training activities for CLDD staff, by supporting CLDD at the institutional level to ensure better coordination with AIRD and success of the AIRD SCLD project.
Part of the task is building a training facility for AIRD to conduct its training and education activities therein.
The general roles of Master Trainer is capacity   building   through  producing curricula, training manuals, modules, constant reports and training plans to the training and education Unit of AIRD. Moreover the trainer will be facilitating and conducting training workshops to enhance the knowledge and skills.