Afghan Knowledge Solutions (AKS) is a young and vibrant independent development consulting company based in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The firm is dedicated to providing high quality services to governments, NGOs, and companies working in Afghanistan through its diverse range of products. AKS uses its professional and consulting skills to develop the capacities of its clients in Afghanistan by enhancing the abilities of their staff. The company’s ethos for training is underpinned in the belief that capacity development is an essential part of all reform programs. AKS approach to capacity development is based on partnerships with clients, which allows them to design practical and sustainable solutions. The aim is to ensure that capacity development is carefully phased and managed so that results are sustainable beyond just the period of technical assistance. 
AKS actively seeks international best practice standard for their services and are able to offer training solutions that are up-to-date and tailored to Afghanistan, our years of first-hand practical experience in Afghanistan strengthens AKS expertise in all the subject areas in which we deliver training.

Our Core Product Offerings

Our comprehensive range of service enables employers to recruit the extensive and diverse subject matter expert’s they need to be effective and competitive, whilst the candidates benefit from a large number and unrivalled variety of permanent and temporary job opportunities.

Our Services:

ü  Training development and delivery;
ü  Recruitment and Human Resource management;
ü  Procurement Services and Logistics
ü  Project Management
ü  Monitoring and Evaluation
ü  Construction and Supervision
AKS is looking to recruit a compatible project coordinator to be able to work in challenging environment with positive attitude towards the goal and mission of AKS, the project coordinator will work under the general supervision of AKS Managing Director and the line programmer manager to perform the required coo