The Afghanistan National Horticulture Development Organization (ANHDO) is an Afghan non-governmental organization funded in 2009 and currently supported by the EU and AFD. The mission of the organization is to enable horticulture stakeholders to improve horticulture indsutry by providing technical services, upgrading capacities and promoting private-public coordination. The development of ANHDO is part of the EU and MAIL long-term strategy for the development of horticulture (see Agriculture Master Plan (2009) and National Priority Program (2012). 
In order for ANHDO to become a key actor on the long run in the development of the horticulture industry in Afghanistan and a permanent bridge between the public and the private sector, it is essential that the organization concentrates its efforts towards improving its governance and management capacities, and developing a long-term strategy that will enable the organization to fulfill its mandate and ensure its sustainability. 
To achieve this critical objective, a specific component fully dedicated to the organizational development of ANHDO has been integrated into the 3-year AFD-funded Horticulture Value Chain Development Project (HVP) that started in October 2014. This component, referred as “Specific Objective 5”, has been formulated as followed: “Increased awareness and management capability of ANHDO and its partners lead to enhance ownership, self-confidence, governance and sustainability”. In order to reach this specific objective and coordinate the various organizational development activities under this component, three main sub-components have been identified, as well as their respective results to be achieved within the timeframe of the project : 
(i)         Sub-Component 1: Governance and Management
This sub-component aims at developing an “increased awareness and management capability that leads to a better governance for ANHDO and its partners” (Result 1).
(ii)        Sub-Component 2: Strategy
The objective of this second sub-component is to develop a long-term strategy owned by ANHDO (Result 2). 
(iii)       Sub-Component 3: Gender
This last sub-component is meant to lead to an “Increased awareness of ANHDO staff about gender role in horticulture sector and development of a gender component in ANHDO’s programs and organization” (Result 3).