Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) is an independent social research organization with a mandate to promote social and policy learning to benefit development and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and other less developed countries through conducting social scientific research, monitoring and evaluation, and training and mentoring. APPRO is registered with the Ministry of Economy in Afghanistan as a non-profit non-government organization and headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan with regional offices in Mazar-e Sharif (north), Herat (west), Kandahar (south), Jalalabad (east), and Bamyan (center). APPRO and its individual researchers have undertaken projects in Central Asia, Pakistan, India, Africa, China, and Turkey. APPRO is also a founding member of APPRO-Europe, a network association with a mandate to disseminate applied research findings from conflict environments, conducting training on the policy process, and carrying out evaluations. For more information see:
Based in Kabul, Afghanistan, the Data Analyst Manager will be responsible for the compiling, organization and classification of qualitative and quantitative research data sets. S/he will be in charge of ensuring full transparency and efficiency in access to all data generated by APPRO’s research throughout Afghanistan and abroad