A newly established Aria Pharma Corp. Inc is a member company of INVESTONE Corp. Inc (ICI), the company initiated to invest on Pharmaceutical production  inside the country to provide  qualitative, safe, efficacious and affordable medicine to meet the requirement of Afghan people based on all GoIRA regulations and policies, as well the importation of qualitative, safe, efficacious and affordable medicine from outside of  country, the company is mainly working  but not limited is to:-
·         Serve as manufacturer for local medicine production within Good Practice in order to produce the safe, efficacious, qualitative and affordable medicines in the country.
·         To import qualitative, safe, efficacious and affordable medicine from outside of the country based on the Afghanistan Essential Medicine List (EML) and Licensed Medicine List (LML).
·         To improve coordination and communication within the MoPH and among related ministries about a shared vision & a strategic direction for Aria Pharma pharmaceutical manufacturing and importation of medicine.

Role of Managing Director:
At a key point in ACDI growth and business set- up, expand and invest return oriented focus and plan, a dynamic and innovative ideal Managing Director required to lead the Aria Pharma Corp. Inc team; drive business expansion, build and maintain business relationships with key decision makers


Job Summary

Job Summary:
The incumbent will render full-time, professional services to Aria Pharma Corp. Inc (APC) in the capacity of Managing Director of the APCI, including all related Ste- up, concept, plan and implementation (collectively, the “Corporation”). 
The incumbent is proposed to serve as a growth leader in term of operations of the Aria Pharma, in specific but not limited to (1) Set- up concept and feasibility studies (2) Set plan and strategic view (3) Team leadership and growth (4) Networking and public relation (5) Assurance on following Compliance and existing integrity and (6) financial management and resource allocation , The managing director assure co APCI activities are result- oriented, meet country law, culturally and internationally adapted, ICI standards are met as well as to oversee on future risks are identified and proposed risk management plan is in place.