Asia Geo Engineer & Ally Engineering Solution (AGE & AES)

Asia Geo Engineering & Allay Engineering Solution (AGE & AES) is an Afghan non-governmental civil engineering consulting firm and has been serving since 2006 with headquartered in Kabul Afghanistan.
Asia Geo Engineering & Allay Engineering Solution (AGE & AES)  keen to provide high quality and innovative professional Solution across the full civil engineering spectrum (Survey, Design, Geotechnical Investigation, Material testing, Monitoring, and Construction Supervision QC/QA), succeeds its activities in accordance with the customary laws of the country, tradition, international standards, and client’s requirements.
Job Requirements:
The overall managing of  Information Technology program and prepare high quality services for staff to facilitate office work, perform international best practices in commerce, economic development, education, and other areas within Afghanistan and the region will be responsibility of IT officer.