Assistance to Defend Women Rights Organization (ADWRO)

Soon after Taliban collapse, an urgent need was identified for foundation of women activities due to lack of women participation in every sphere of life for almost two decades. ADWRO was formally registered as a women-focused organization in August 2002. With its headquarter in Balkh province, ADWRO Missions to bring about positive changes in all Afghan women’s lives, through providing legal awareness, capacity building programs and legal services support. As Vision, AWDRO is the most effective and widely recognized organization defending women rights in Afghanistan.
Its strategic aims are to: 
·         Foster public awareness of women’s rights in Islamic and international conventions through engaging local and international media and awareness raising sessions;
·         Provide social services such as education, income generation and health programs for women;
·         Provide legal aid to women victims of violence;
·         Liaise with key national and international stakeholders in order to coordinate conflict resolution efforts in Afghanistan;
·         Build capacity of civil society organizations to advocate for a society that is equitable to all;
·         Conduct campaigns to advocate for a national and community-level policy in order to bring improvements in the lives of women in Afghanistan.