AWRO Afghan womens Right organization

About AWRO:
AWRO believes that ensuring socio economic independence for the gender balance, poor, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society is the most significant step towards poverty alleviation and human development.
"Management and Innovation in the nonprofit sector are seen as the most vital challenges of the present era. In this respect, AWRO, a non-profit making society established in March 2007 in Afghanistan with the experience since 1996 in Pakistan, has been a pioneer in the area of Development Management, bringing together skills in development innovation and corporate management, onto a single platform.
AWRO has pioneered initiatives, which combine providing solutions to issues that currently plague the society, such as violence, poverty and lack of economic opportunities, with building an entrepreneurial spirit among the disadvantaged communities, effectively empowering them to manage their livelihoods and participate on a sustained basis in the development process.
AWRO therefore believes that effective organization, capacity building and mobilization of poor people are pre-requisites for poverty alleviation and for initiating change.
AWRO’s contribution in this direction has been mainly through its “Awareness Raising”, “Civic Education”, “The Vulnerable People especially the Women’s Participation in Politics”, “Peace Building” and “Income For Food” programs and empowerment of the marginalized communities. It also provides expertise in the development of sustainable livelihood options, in the management of Income Generation Programs for women and other disadvantaged groups, in developing & providing market infrastructure support, and the management of market supply chain linkages & systems."
AWRO has been a developmental organization of national repute, facilitating community development initiatives since 1996 in Pakistan and 2007 in Afghanistan.
Our strategy is to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building up their capacities through education, health and skill-based development. We are working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society in the rural & urban areas of the country.
Our Vision:
* We are all one and we belong not only to this planet but to this universe!
* AWRO aims to start a dialogue and build cooperation among all peoples to elevate souls and minds for a greater humanity.
* AWRO believes in that, for a better tomorrow, the human kind needs to create a global positive and effective energy as ONE-SOUL and VOICE.
Our Mission is:
We aim at doing everything possible in order to achieve the great Afghan dream of making Afghanistan an educated and healthy nation.
We dream of:  “A society where all women, men and children rights are realized”