Bashir Navid Group of Company is a private trading company established in 1992; initiated by Alhaj Khairuddin Mayel as Head and Nooruddin Ahamadi as Deputy Head of Company.
The company at present covers the following six companies working independently under the direct supervision of Bashir Navid Group Company.

1. Asia Heart Group Company,
2. Fawad Nasir Company,
3. Mazar Folad Khisht Company,
4. Afghan Aria Company,
5. Asphalt Company and
6. The Gold West Construction and Road building Company.
The presence of the company in Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, United Arabic Emirate, China, Militia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Turkey and USA enabled the company to provide the users with quality goods in a cheapest and quickest way possible.
The staff that is the combination of local and expertise from abroad is most suited to carry out the company obligation in a more organized fashion ever expected.
The company is enjoying of two decade rich experience in trading, export and import of food staff such as edible oil, flour, wheat, construction materials, Ironed bars, soup cakes and safety matches from the most popular producing companies in the world.   By so doing, the company proved to be one of the reliable and trustworthy company designed to do business to the best benefits of the needy people in the country.
The company activities are computerized and all the sub companies and representing offices inside and outside the country are mobilized with internet and other communication facilities helping the company to keep up with the good work and offer the highest level of operation available.
The head of the company is SELECT SQL_CACHEed to be an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Department in the country and actively participate in all economic gatherings ever held in the province level and is enjoying of a high status among the people and trading community.
The company activities are directed by the general assembly of the board of directors held in every six months and by the extra ordinary meetings of managing directors if/when needed during the course of operation.    
At present almost 400 office workers and co-workers are working in different parts of the companies acting under the mandate of Bashir Navid Group of Companies helping nearly 2500 beneficiaries directly and thousands of other citizens indirectly.