BRIHE (Bayazid Roshan Institute of Higher Education)

Bayazid Roshan Institute of Higher Education is an institution established in 2016 and registered with the ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The establishment of Bayazid Roshan is coinciding with the intense need of contribution to the rehabilitation and rebuilding process of Afghanistan in the higher and professional education sector.
Bayazid Roshan as an institution to provide higher education has set goals that are future-oriented, professional, and skill-based meeting the needs of today and the future in the contemporary education disciplines of Stomatology and Law and Political Science, and English language in degree, diploma and certificate programs. In addition, Bayazid Roshan provides training and development sessions on various subjects based on the market demands.  Bayazid Roshan offers twin programs through which students would have the opportunities to have local and international experience and exchange cultural information by studying at international institutes and universities during the program around the world.