Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Facility Project/ MoF

Capacity Building for Results “CBR” Project, started since January 2012, aims to support the government’s effort to improve the capacity and performance of core line ministries responsible for national priority programs. The CBR project’s development objective is to assist the government in improving the capacity and performance of SELECT SQL_CACHE line ministries in carrying out their mandates and delivering services to the Afghan people.  This will be achieved through the implementation of specific capacity and institution building programs, which include systematic monitoring of and reporting on results.
Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Project Support Unit of the Ministry of Finance would like to recruit a qualified Procurement and Financial Management Advisor to work at the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs (MoBTA) with the following duties and responsibilities.
The Afghanistan Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs (MOBTA) is a leading ministry that supports and represents the needs and concern of the tribes and border communities of the country. In addition to that, the ministry works for national unity, sovereignty of our borders, delivery of social justice, and create the conditions that pave way for balance development in the country. Similarly, the ministry is responsible for taking different measures for welfare of Afghan citizens irrespective of their ethnicity or gender for living a decent life on one hand and to build trust in the central government on the other. This trust of people in the government ultimately helps in bringing peace and stability to this war torn country of Afghanistan.
Number of Positions: One Position - To be stationed at MoBAT