About Comfort Aid International
CAI is a partnership of individuals working with existing charitable infrastructures to bring relief to the poor and destitute in third world countries in general and India, Afghanistan and Africa in particular. With twenty six schools built in poor, remote worldwide locations, five medical clinics, access to clean, potable water to over a two hundred thousand people worldwide, over fourteen hundred homes for destitute widows and poor families, scholarships to outstanding poor students, food support for the hungry, life saving blankets and heating coal in bitter winter months, marriage assistance to poor girls, CAI touches the lives of thousands of the world’s poorest people. Whether supporting education, primary health care, or housing with running water and electricity, our programs promote positive and lasting change and reduce long-term dependency.
Apart from education and humanitarian needs, which are the primary focus, CAI also empowers women become economically independent by providing them small business loans or grants. CAI also assists refugees displaced due to civil strife and or wars. We hope to remain with communities long after initial relief efforts are completed and support initiatives to enable people to rebuild their lives and to face the future with renewed confidence.