Cordova is an engineering, construction management and service firm founded in 2005 under official registration with AISA, MOUD Afghanistan and Turkish Government. We serve Federal Government, General Public and US Government Agencies and Clients in Afghanistan and Turkey. Our founding philosophy is to build the firm based on exceptional client service and employee satisfaction. We offer our clients an unmatched commitment to responsiveness, quality and remarkable professional opportunities.

We have built a solid reputation for delivering our projects on time and within budget. From pre-design through completion, we have experience in all facets of construction management, capacity building, and general services. Allowing owners to reduce risks, our field-proven techniques and open communication deliver results.

We believe in sharing our opportunities with everyone. We strive to be remembered in the communities in which we work for capturing the feel of the community and complimenting it with our solid work performance. At Cordova we are helping to build a better tomorrow making us a nationwide-class company today.