CTG Global is a Personnel Management Service Company specialized in Recruitment, Management Consultancy, and Human Resources management services in countries experiencing or emerging from armed conflicts, natural disasters, or acute social and economic crises worldwide. CTG Global provides tailored personnel management support enabling a growing number of public and private sector agencies and individuals to achieve their objectives in complex and challenging environments. CTG Global clients in Afghanistan currently comprise government, UN agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and different businesses such a security companies.

Project Context:

Afghan Civilian Assistance Programme, phase III (ACAP III) is currently under implementation by UN Mine Action Center of Afghanistan (UNMACA) in order to provide immediate and long term assistance to the civilian victims of the conflict, war and explosive remnants of war (ERW), throughout Afghanistan. ACAP III implementation requires the deployment of third party service personnels in the Eastern Region of Afghanistan, where UNOPS cannot deploy personnel due to security restrictions and high risks.