CURE International Hospital – Afghanistan

CURE International Hospital, is a charitable foundation dedicated to meeting the medical needs of economically disadvantaged patients and their families. The purpose of CURE International Hospital, Kabul is to provide excellent health services and training in the health provision. CURE International has been present in Afghanistan since February 2005.  We have training programs in Family medicine, OB/GYN, pathology, and general surgery all of which are recognized by the MOP.

The CURE Family Medicine Residency program is a MoPH recognized, 3-years residency program to train young doctors to be Specialists in Family Medicine. During the 3 years, residents will rotate (at CURE Hospital), through internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, OB/GYN, OPD, Sonography, Anesthesia and other specialties as appropriate. Following successful completion of the program, the doctors will be required to work for two years in a needy area in Afghanistan.


Family Medicine Residency Program Objectives:

The Family Medicine program has long term initiatives aimed at capacity building and enhancing executive and professional skill of national doctors in order to help them understand and practice evidence based medicine, thus improving the quality of medical care and health education received by all patients regardless of age or gender, throughout Afghanistan. The program’s long-term objectives are:

  • To establish Family Medicine as a recognized medical specialty in Afghanistan
  • To provide well-educated and skilled family medicine doctors who can manage over 80% of the diagnoses presenting at the OPD.