DAI is implementing the USAID funded program Promote: Womenin the Economy (WIE) across the five major population centers in the regional economic zones (Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Jalalabad and Kandahar) in Afghanistan.  The objective of this project is to enable Afghan women to increase their participation in the mainstream, formal economy by securing employment with advancement potential and by helping businesses in the target market grow. The target market is businesses that are owned by women or that employ women as 10% or more of their staff.


The Private Sector Development (PSD) Case Officer will have primary responsibility in each region for building a network of private sector stakeholders, focusing on private businesses,for referring businesses for participation in WIE activities and overseeing their participation.
S/he will be the key link between the PSD team in Kabul and the beneficiaries of WIE programming in each region. In conjunction with the Kabul team, s/he will implement PSD activities, make recommendations for new programming and provide feedback on existing. Examples of activities are:
·         A program to evaluate businesses and make referrals to professional service providers(bookkeepers, accountants, web designers, consultants, etc.) to address particular issues in the business
·         Organizing a roundtable discussion between bankers and local businesses for the bankers to explain what is required for a loan and the businesses to tell the bankers about the sort of financial products they need for their businesses.