Dutch Committee for Afghanistan (DCA) was founded on June 24, 1994, by members of the Board of the already longer existing Dutch Committee for Afghanistan (founded in 1979, shortly after the Soviet invasion). Whereas previous activities of DCA included humanitarian assistance in a broader sense, DCA now focuses on veterinary and livestock related activities.
DCA’s mission is “Poverty reduction and increasing food security for the population of Afghanistan by improving the health and productivity of their livestock”
The main objective of DCA is to protect and improve the health of existing livestock and to increase livestock production in Afghanistan.
To realize the objective, DCA has livestock programmes to
• Train Para-veterinarians (Para-vets) and Basic Veterinary Workers (BVWs)
• Establish district-based veterinary field units (VFUs) throughout its area of responsibilities in Afghanistan and equip the VFUs with facilities to start the business
• Support the delivery of animal health services at community level
• Support delivery of livestock extension services to the farmers