DDS-CPHL/GF Health System Strengthening (HSS)/MoPH Lab..

The MoPH has been launching HSS-GF funded (HSS NFM Grant) for establishment of Lab Network in Afghanistan through the Central Public Health Lab (CPHL) under the Diagnostic Directorate Services (DDS)/MoPH.
MoPH under HSS-GF grant has renovated and equipped regional, provincial and district level labs and would like to functionalize PCR, ELISA, Bacteriology services at regional and Bacteriology culture services at provincial levels including laboratory quality control and lab quality improvement programs in 26 provinces.
The aim of this project is to reduce dependency of Afghanistan on other countries through availability of quality & reliable lab services at regional/provincial levels.
The holder of this position will be responsible as per the project scope of work (SOW) to the assigned central/regional/provincial level labs for administrative works for procurement, supplies management, training conduction and other tasks for lab project office.
The Admin Associate in CPHL/HSS Lab project will maintain and assist the documentary systems and is responsible for ensuring efficient and supportive assistance in all administrative matters to the GF-HSS grants for GF Lab project. He/She ensures that all administrative tasks are performed in compliance with the MOPH policies, procedures and regulations.  She or he will assist with routine communication with all concerned central, regional, provincial level laboratories/departments, organizations in coordination with Laboratory Project Coordinator under bellow specific responsibilities: