DELTA is a leading consultancy firm in Afghanistan, providing a variety of services including professional trainings, management consulting, audits, accounting, taxation, evaluations and other related services to the public and private sector organizations.  Established in 2008 in Kabul and approved by Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) DELTA is pleased to offer one free 18 day training course in Financial Management for qualified candidates in Kabul and Jalalabad. 
Financial Management Courses: Accounting Concept (Definitions, basics of accounting, accounting cycle, introduction to GAAP, Accounting Principles, Introduction to IFRS and IFRS VS to GAAP), Preparation of Financial Statements (Preparation of Balance sheet, preparation of P&L statement, preparation of owner equity statement and preparation of cash flow statement), Budgeting, Auditing, Taxation, QuickBooks and book keeping.
The training is funded by USAID under the Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP). The curricula for this program is designed and developed based on the needs for specific skills identified in close collaboration with private sector entities in Kabul and Jalalabad cities.
We invite mid-career/semi-professional employees of the private sector and job seekers, who are eager to learn Financial Management skills, to advance their career and/or find appropriate professional work, or if they are employees, to be promoted with at least a 3% salary increase.  The training will be facilitated in Kabul, Kandahar & Ningarhar cities for qualified candidates.
The 18 day training will be held in three shifts:

  • Morning class: 6:00AM until 8:30AM
  • Afternoon class: 2:00PM until 4:30PM
  • Evening class: 5:00PM until 7:30PM
Since its inception, Delta Consultancy has always strived to serve its clients with the best of services in all the fields of business. Similarly the Training Department has always tried to hire qualified, skilled and experienced trainers for different training programs to satisfy the needs and demands of our clients and sustain good training quality. Delta Consultancy is looking for some qualified and skilled trainers in the following fields:
  1. Financial Management
  2. QuickBooks