The overall objective of the project is the support to the Ministry of Public Health for the strengthening of its stewardship role in various fields. The main purpose of this project is to provide technical assistance to various departments of MoPH to enable them to develop sound policies, strategies and operational plans and oversee their implementation.
The project has the scope of assisting the various departments of MoPH in better defining and increasing its stewardship role for the roll out of the activities under its guidance. Good governance issues with a long term vision have of course to be built in. This contract specifically aims at contributing to the provision of technical support to the different sections of MoPH and the sustainable managing of resources. It concentrates on the organisational and management capacity building of the target departments, as well as the development of technical/managerial skills amongst their staff.
The programme Budgeting figures as priority in the Sub-National Governance project of SEHAT. Continued support in the implementation of the guidelines and related systems is provided, together with trainings, workshops and other capacity building activities, including coaching and mentoring and monitoring/supervision visits.