Esar Nabizada Construction Company

 ENCC is registered with Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) holder of License No
D-20540. It was set up in 2003 in Kabul. ENCC has their offices at Turkey and Tashkent. The ENCC Firm places great importance on developing the way that harmonizes the current and future needs of our clients, both established and prospective. To achieve these objectives, ENCC set up a policy of maintaining close and regular contracts with its clients on a principal level. This close personal liaison at a principal level has proved a decisive factor in our success as Construction firm and ensures that projects are developed using technology, which is most suitable to the physical, socio-economic and climate environment in which we are to operate. It also leads toward cost effectiveness and timely completion of client development programs essential to a truly successful outcome with desired quality and profitability on each project.