EUREKA Research and Evaluation is an Afghan research company founded in 2007 and registered with AISA. EUREKA supports a research scheme that provides elaborate and in-depth analysis. Our researchers believe that in order to contribute to the development of Afghanistan, it is necessary to combine academic knowledge with practical experience from the field. We also believe that researchers need to be aware of the ongoing and dynamic socio-cultural changes operating at both micro and macro levels, and must take into consideration the diverse cultural roles and expressions in Afghanistan in order to deliver comprehensive analysis. Each research project must adopt and follow local cultural meanings while simultaneously exposing the intricate social interactions, beliefs and opinions that shape social behavior. Therefore, at EUREKA, field research is conducted by socially and culturally acclimatized researchers, trained by national and international staff, who utilize the language of the demographic and region in which they are operating and
follow the local cultural codes. All of our provincially-based research teams come from the areas within which they work. EUREKA maintains that local research teams should be at the core of our research and are always consulted when devising methodologies, approaches and techniques.