Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO)

Female  rehabilitation  and  development  organization  (FRDO)  was  established  in  Mazar-e-Sharif Province  in  the  year  1995  under  the  direction  of  Engineer  Sharifa   who  is  a  highly qualified master engineer and has devoted her life for the welfare of Afghans especially women.
the organization since its establishment to date has implemented Various project in the field of education, health, animal husbandry, income generating projects in vocational training. The staff of the organization which include Engineers, Doctors, Skills trainers, Teachers, intellectual and mide wives and are serving for the welfare of Afghan women.
We  are  committed  to  achieve  the  (FRDO)  charter  through  empowering  Afghan  women  folk  to participate   in   social,   economic   and   productive   activities.   (FRDO)   as   an   Afghan   operated nonpolitical  and  non-profitable  national  organization  is  committed  with  the  main  objective  to improve  socioeconomic  status  of  vulnerable  and  isolated  Afghan  women  through  their  direct involvement in social and economic interactions.