The University Support and Workforce Development Program (USWDP) is helping Afghanistan’s higher education professionals to manage effectively the growth of tertiary education while improving academic quality and its relevance to the growing demands for an educated and professional workforce. Building on the successes of the Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP, 2006-2014) and other initiatives, USWDP is working to improve the management capacity of the Ministry of Higher Education and 11 public universities. It is helping the ministry implement key strategies designed to ensure quality education and employment for a larger number of Afghan men and women, and it is enabling universities to manage and expand education resources in ways that encourage effective governance structures. Additionally, USWDP is contributing to learning environments that foster well-qualified and professional faculty members, highly capable and motivated students, diverse and market-oriented academic programs, sustainable public-private collaboration, international university partnerships, and other innovations that move Afghanistan toward the higher education system it deserves.
The University Support and Workforce Development Program (USWDP) is a five-year program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FHI 360, the University of Massachusetts, Purdue University, Altai Consulting and the Afghanistan Holding Group. USWDP aims to enhance the skills and employability of technically qualified and professionally capable Afghan women and men in the private and public sectors.
The project will also assist in the development of learning environments that will establish:

  • Well-qualified and professional faculty members
  • Highly capable and motivated students
  • Diverse and market-oriented academic programs
  • Sustainable public–private collaboration
  • International university partnerships
  • Other innovations that move Afghanistan toward an improved higher education system