Foshang construction Company started it operations in 1990s.Since long it has worked with different national and multinationals donors.

At Foshang construction Company, we offer our clients reputable, trusted services and products due to our exclusive partnerships with World-First-Class suppliers. Our core strength and impressive background lists us among the top companies at country level. The following competencies are provided to familiarize you with the Foshangs real background.

 Building construction, road construction, water-supply networks, Irrigation Networks and etc. Quality assurance, monitoring, supervising, road planning etc. Supplying construction materials for road, building etc.Survey (Topographic survey, site layout, route survey, land use survey, Stake Out and etc.) Alliance with prime vendors and manufacturers worldwide, On-site Project Management, Logistic Support throughout region, Procurement, Logistics, and Government contracts. Brand Names and excellent quality of products implemented by competitive pricing and accurate schedule of deliveries